Last Epoch: A Comprehensive Guide To Circle Of Fortune (2024)

Last Epoch rewards players who relish exploring, crafting, and trading potent artifacts to bolster their characters. However, for those who prefer not to engage in player trading or the hassle of selling items, there's an alternative option: Last Epoch The Circle of Fortune.

This exclusive club comprises explorers who thrive on the excitement of scouring the perilous regions of Eterra for unique and valuable treasures. They believe that the most effective way to acquire Last Epoch Items is by finding them firsthand, guided by the stars to uncover even more potent loot.

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How To Join Circle Of Fortune?

To join the Circle of Fortune in Last Epoch, players need to journey to Maj'Elka, a bustling trading city, and locate the Upper District.

Upon arrival, seek out Zerrick, an NPC who will provide an introduction to the Factions and the Central Hub.

Once you've arrived in the city and joined the Circle of Fortune, you'll gain access to the Observatory in the Divine Era, situated in the northern part of Maj'Elka.

As a member, you'll enjoy the benefit of utilizing telescopes within the Observatory to observe the stars and receive prophecies guiding you to locations where better loot can be found.

Progress Through Favor & Reputation

To fully harness the influence of the Circle of Fortune, members must progress in rank within the faction.

Accumulating Reputation through completing quests, defeating enemies, and fulfilling prophecies is essential. Likewise, acquiring Favours, the currency used to purchase prophecies, is vital. You can check your Reputation and Favour levels by interacting with the Circle of Fortune agent or accessing the Faction window.

Advancing In Rank & Unlocking Perks

The Circle of Fortune comprises ten tiers, each offering unique benefits. Here are the advantages of ascending through the ranks:

Rank 1: Enhanced Enemy Item Drop Chance - Enemies have a 35% chance of dropping twice as many items.

Rank 2: Improved Rune of Ascendance - Runes of Ascendance have a 45% chance of being retained when applied to an item requiring at least Circle of Fortune Rank 1.

Rank 3: Bonus Idol Drop Opportunity - There's a 25% chance that two additional Idols may drop simultaneously when one descends.

Rank 4: Elevated Affix Probability - Affixes have a 50% higher chance of being raised.

Rank 5: Enhanced Monolith Echo Reward - 35% of Monolith Echoes yield double rewards.

Rank 6: Increased Legendary Potential - Legendary items are twice as likely to be found in unique.

Rank 7: Doubled T7 Affix Occurrence - Tier 7 affixes appear twice as frequently.

Rank 8: Transformation from Rare to Blessed - There's a 25% chance that an item dropped as Rare above Level 44 will become Exalted.

Rank 9: Enhanced Complete Set Drop Probability - If a set item drops, the entire set drops.

Rank 10: Upgraded Prophecy Rewards - Items related to prophecies are duplicated.

About Prophecies

Once acquired, prophecies—special items available for purchase in the Observatory in exchange for Favours—yield rarer item drops, improved stats, and additional rewards upon completion.

Head to the Observatory, where four telescopes are positioned to point in four directions (North: Arctus, East: Eos, West: Dysis, and South: Mesembria) to procure prophecies. Choose the telescope corresponding to the type of item desired: Accessories, Weapons, Armor, and Idols and Crafting Supplies.

Last Epoch: A Comprehensive Guide To Circle Of Fortune (2)

Navigate through the celestial expanse to access prophecy-related details:

  • Favour cost: Greater Favour is required for larger rewards.
  • Prophecy event: Criteria, such as defeating a boss or a specific number of enemies, for the prophecy to be fulfilled.
  • Prophecy Conditions: Additional prerequisites, such as operating in a particular location or difficulty level.
  • Prophecy Rewards: Rewards encompass rare armor pieces, jewelry, unique weapons, and items with legendary potential, which are obtainable upon fulfilling the prophecy.

You can hold up to 48 prophecies concurrently and manage them through the faction window.

Most Effective Method For Gaining Reputation In The Circle Of Fortune

The most efficient method for earning Reputation in the Circle of Fortune is to focus on completing daily tasks and quests. These activities typically yield the highest Reputation experience compared to other in-game tasks. Additionally, participating in events and activities that grant Reputation points can quickly increase your Circle of Fortune Reputation level.

For efficient gear farming, several prophecies in the Circle of Fortune can be beneficial. Here are some of the top prophecies to prioritize during gear farming:

  • Prophecy of Abundance: This prophecy increases the drop rate of gear items, making it easier to obtain high-quality equipment.
  • Prophecy of Prosperity: By raising the chances of finding valuable and rare gear, this prophecy helps fill your inventory with potent weapons more rapidly.
  • Prophecy of Bounty: With this prophecy, more enemies will drop gear items, providing more opportunities to farm and collect essential gear.
  • Prophecy of Fortune: This prophecy enhances the quality of gear items dropped by enemies, ensuring greater gear returns when farming.

By focusing on these prophecies and actively participating in gear-farming activities such as dungeons, raids, and world bosses, you can effectively farm gear and strengthen your character for upcoming challenges in the Circle of Fortune.

Last Epoch: A Comprehensive Guide To Circle Of Fortune (2024)


How to level up the circle of fortune fast in the Last Epoch? ›

To rank up in the Circle of Fortune, you must earn Favor, then speak with Galila at the Maj'elka Observatory to exchange Favor for Reputation. The more Reputation you purchase, the more you rank up.

How do you get the Circle of Fortune in the Last Epoch? ›

To join the Circle of Fortune, first speak with Zerrick in Maj'elka Upper District. He'll provide you with a side quest, “Merchants and Fortune Tellers,” and point you toward the Maj'elka Observatory to speak with the Circle of Fortune.

What is the benefit of Circle of Fortune? ›

Circle of Fortune grants a boost to the loot you find through the use of Prophecies , Lenses , and passive bonuses. Circle of Fortune is a great choice for any player that doesn't plan to use the Merchant's Guild Bazaar and wishes to amplify their own loot drops out in the world instead.

Does Last Epoch have SSF? ›

So I care about loot drops more than option for trading them. There is an option to play SSF as "account found" or "self found". The SSF AF mode still allows you to share items with your other characters. I see, so that's the only downside and no upside from playing just straight offline.

Is Last Epoch grindy? ›

Summary. Players find Last Epoch's alt system overly grindy and time-consuming. The repetitive nature of grinding corruption and blessings deters some from creating alts. Suggestions include making corruption and blessings account-wide for a smoother alt experience.

What is the highest skill level in Last Epoch? ›

The base skill point cap is 20 on every ability, however, this cap can be increased through affixes. By equipping BiS affixes, some highly-refined builds are able to push their skill points cap as high as 30 with optimal gear.

Is Last Epoch endless? ›

Last Epoch provides near-endless opportunities to meaningfully customize and fine tune each class's unique mechanics through a mind-bogglingly long list of branching Passives, which are then buffered by an equally open-ended itemization system.

Does Last Epoch have endgame? ›

The game has decent amount of endgame content even now in it's unfinished state, and the devs are only going to release more. There are basically 3 endgame activities. 1. Monolith of Fate, which is the main one.

Is Last Epoch replayable? ›

Replayability. The main story in Last Epoch is not that long, you can beat it in three or four average gaming sessions. The best part is that you get to choose between five different classes, each offering a unique playstyle. Add 15 Masteriers and 120 Skill Trees to the mix and the replay value is enormous.

How do you win the fortune wheel? ›

  1. Every extra letter makes a difference. ...
  2. Know that the best letters to pick can change over time. ...
  3. Even if there's no one best choice, some letters are safer bets than others. ...
  4. Choose your category wisely. ...
  5. Don't expect the puzzles to make sense. ...
  6. If there are a few words to memorize, these are the ones.
Dec 8, 2023

Why is the circle of life so important? ›

The Circle of Life is an ideology based on the belief that every living thing exists as part of a delicate balance. It decrees that every animal ought to treat all others with respect and refrain from consuming more than their fair share, as every animal will eventually be consumed by an animal lesser than it.

How to level up quickly in Last Epoch? ›

Completing Quests: Main story and side quests provide significant EXP rewards alongside other benefits. Clearing Monoliths: These randomized dungeons offer good EXP, especially with higher difficulty modifiers. Aim for Monoliths within 5-10 levels above your character.

What is the fastest way to get favor in the Last Epoch? ›

What is the fastest way to earn favor in Last Epoch? The fastest way to earn favor is by running monoliths or dungeons. These are high-level tasks that you can't do right away.

How long does it take to finish the Last Epoch campaign? ›

According to HowLongToBeat, to complete the storyline of Last Epoch, you will need about 15–17 hours. If you also take into account the side quests, it will be about 33–35 hours. Of course, it also depends on how experienced you are in this genre and how actively you play the campaign.

What is the legendary potential in the Last Epoch? ›

A Unique Item with Legendary Potential means you can spend resources and time running through the Temporal Sanctum Dungeon to mold a Unique into a Legendary Item. How this works is the Unique Item merges with an Exalted Item, but with additional affixes from the Exalted, to become Legendary.

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