Circle of Fortune Overview - Last Epoch (2024)

Circle of Fortune grants a boost to the loot you find through the use of Prophecies, Lenses, and passive bonuses. Circle of Fortune is a great choice for any player that doesn't plan to use the Merchant's Guild Bazaar and wishes to amplify their own loot drops out in the world instead.

Joining Circle of Fortune

Joining the Circle of Fortune requires the player to reach the Upper District of Maj'Elka in Chapter 9 of the Campaign. Do this by progressing through the main story up to that point, or use a Temporal Sanctum Key and defeat Chronomancer Julra to open a shortcut straight to Chapter 9.

Here the player interacts with Zerrick, who gives a brief description of both Item Factions and directs the player to their base of operations. The Circle of Fortune can be found at the Observatory. Here you can speak to Galila the Faction Leader to join Circle of Fortune.

Earning Circle of Fortune Rank and Favor

Earning Faction Rank and Favor is necessary to get the most benefits out of the Circle of Fortune. Your Faction Rank unlocks powerful passive bonuses, as well as the ability to purchase different types of Lenses to customize your Prophecies. Favor is used to purchase these Prophecies for target farming items of a specific type as well as the Lenses used to modify them.

Earning Circle of Fortune Rank

Your Rank with the Circle of Fortune grows over time and determines what benefits you gain from the Faction. There are two ways to raise your Rank with the Circle of Fortune. First, by gaining experience through defeating enemies or completing quests. The second way to raise your Rank is by participating in Circle of Fortune's main mechanic, Prophecies.

Your Faction Rank is never lost or spent and is shared account-wide. Characters in different game modes such as Solo or Standard/Legacy have separate Faction Ranks.

Circle of Fortune has 10 total Ranks.

Earning Favor

Favor is the main currency you use when interacting with Circle of Fortune mechanics.

  • Circle of Fortune: Use Favor to acquire Prophecies and Lenses.
  • You can spend Favor at the Faction Leader Galila to gain Reputation.

Favor is earned by slaying monsters, with the amount earned varying with the experience the monster rewards. Favor is also earned by completing quests and Prophecies. As you get further into the game, you acquire more Favor.

Circle of Fortune Rank Rewards

As you gain Faction Rank with the Circle of Fortune a variety of bonuses open up to the player. The Circle of Fortune bonuses revolve around making certain loot types more likely, increasing drop quantity, and duplicating loot.

  • Rank 1: (Enemy Item Drop Chance)
    • Enemies have a 35% chance of dropping twice as many items.
  • Rank 2: (Upgraded Rune of Ascendance)
    • 45% chance for Runes of Ascendance to be preserved when used items that require at least Circle of Fortune Rank 1.
  • Rank 3: (Idol Drop Chance)
    • Whenever an Idol drops, there is a 25% chance for two more to drop at the same time.
  • Rank 4: (Exalted Affix Chance)
    • Affixes are 50% more likely to be Exalted.
  • Rank 5: (Monolith Echo Reward Upgrade)
    • 35% chance for double rewards from Monolith Echoes.
  • Rank 6: (Legendary Potential Chance)
    • Uniques are twice as likely to have Legendary Potential.
  • Rank 7: (T7 Affix Chance)
    • T7 Affixes are twice as common.
  • Rank 8: (Rare to Exalted Chance)
    • Items that would drop as Rare above level 44 have a 25% chance of becoming Exalted.
  • Rank 9: (Full Set Drop Chance)
    • When a Set item would drop, the whole set drops instead.
  • Rank 10: (Prophecy Reward Upgrade)
    • Items from Prophecies are duplicated.


The Prophecy system is a way for Circle of Fortune players to target specific drops by completing the objectives attached to those Prophecies. View your Prophecies in the Faction Window (Default Hotkey: "Y").

Purchasing Prophecies

In order to begin selecting a Prophecy the player must interact with one of the four Telescopes placed around the Observatory.

These Telescopes represent specific Regions.

  • North: Arctus (Armor)
  • East: Eos (Weapons and Off-hands)
  • South: Mesembria (Jewelry)
  • West: Dysis (Crafting Materials and Idols)

Each Telescope is associated with a cardinal direction, however any Telescope can be interacted with to access each cardinal direction's Lenses and Prophecy menu.

Once the Telescope has been interacted with, the player can choose one of four cardinal directions by clicking "N", "E", "S", or "W".

Each Constellation contains a certain number of Prophecies that are available to be purchased with Favor. The cost of the Prophecy varies depending on the rewards that are offered. Players can have a maximum of 48 active Prophecies.

The Prophecy Tooltip

Each Prophecy can be broken into three parts: Events, Conditions, and Rewards.

The Event shows what event needs to occur in order to obtain the Prophecy Reward.

The Condition shows any additional requirements that need to be met in order to obtain the Prophecy Reward. Conditions can be anything from being in Monolith, specific timelines in Monolith, being in a specific Dungeon, or at a certain Corruption level.

The Reward shows what is rewarded when the Event and Condition for a Prophecy are completed.


Lenses are permanent items that can be slotted into Telescopes to customize the types of Prophecies which are offered. Each Telescope has space for three Lenses - these spaces open up at Circle of Fortune Rank 2, Rank 5, and Rank 9. Lenses are purchased from the Faction Leader. You can slot multiple of the same Lens into a Telescope for an additive effect.

Types of Lenses

There are two types of Lenses; Regional and Greater.

  • Regional Lenses are specific to one of the four Telescopes. Example: An Eos Telescope Lens can only be added to the Eos Telescope.
  • Greater Lenses can be slotted into any Telescope.

Unlocking Lenses

You unlock additional types of Lenses and more Lens Slots as you gain more Faction Rank.

  • Rank 2: Unlock “Increased Chance of Specific Item Type Prophecy” Lenses for purchase, Unlock First Lens Slot
  • Rank 3: Unlock “Block Activity Type” Lenses for purchase
  • Rank 4: Unlock “Increased chance of specific Item Rarity Prophecy” Lenses for purchase
  • Rank 5: Unlock “Block High Corruption (50+)” Lenses for purchase. Unlock Second Lens Slot
  • Rank 7: Unlock Special Greater Lens “Prophecies cost 80% more Favor and have twice as many uses”
  • Rank 8: Unlock Special Greater Lens “Prophecies cost 90% more Favor and have double rewards-type”
  • Rank 9: Unlock Third Lens Slot


  • Circle of Fortune manipulates item quantity and item rarity through Prophecies and passive bonuses.
  • Join Circle of Fortune in Chapter 9 of the Campaign by speaking with Zerrick in the Upper District of Maj'Elka.
  • Increase your Rank by spending Favor to unlock more bonuses.
  • Favor can be spent to buy Prophecies and the Lenses used to modify them.
  • Prophecies are used to target farm specific types of items by completing certain objectives
  • Lenses modify what types of Prophecies you are offered.


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Reviewed by McFluffin, Tenkiei.

Circle of Fortune Overview - Last Epoch (2024)


Circle of Fortune Overview - Last Epoch ›

Circle of Fortune grants a boost to the loot you find through the use of Prophecies , Lenses , and passive bonuses. Circle of Fortune is a great choice for any player that doesn't plan to use the Merchant's Guild Bazaar and wishes to amplify their own loot drops out in the world instead.

How to view the circle of fortune Last Epoch? ›

You can find the Circle of Fortune in Maj'elka during the Divine Era in the northern portion of the city. There, you'll discover Galila, who acts as a vendor and your introduction to the group. As you move deeper into the headquarters, you'll meet Sandrak, a Sapphire Nagasa, who leads the Circle of Fortune.

How to increase circle of fortune rank Last Epoch? ›

How to Rank Up Circle of Fortune. To rank up in the Circle of Fortune, you must earn Favor, then speak with Galila at the Maj'elka Observatory to exchange Favor for Reputation. The more Reputation you purchase, the more you rank up.

What is the Circle of Fortune quest in the Last Epoch? ›

The Circle Of Fortune is an endgame activity in Last Epoch. It allows you to unlock more powerful loot, more easily - at the cost of having access to the marketplace. It's unlocked at the end of the current storyline, at Chapter 9. You must choose between the Circle Of Fortune or Merchant's Guild.

What is the benefit of Circle of Fortune? ›

Upon choosing the Circle of Fortune, you gain access to the Observatory, located in northern Maj'Elka in the Divine Era. The benefits of joining the Circle of Fortune include having access to Telescopes for observing the stars, which grant prophecies revealing locations for better loot.

Is Last Epoch grindy? ›

Summary. Players find Last Epoch's alt system overly grindy and time-consuming. The repetitive nature of grinding corruption and blessings deters some from creating alts. Suggestions include making corruption and blessings account-wide for a smoother alt experience.

Can you get banned on Last Epoch? ›

Last Epoch, the RPG taking on the likes of Diablo 4 and Path of Exile, permanently bans players who have exploited a gold duplication issue.

Is Last Epoch endless? ›

Last Epoch provides near-endless opportunities to meaningfully customize and fine tune each class's unique mechanics through a mind-bogglingly long list of branching Passives, which are then buffered by an equally open-ended itemization system.

What is the maximum legendary potential in the Last Epoch? ›

Excluding a handful of leveling Uniques, every Unique in Last Epoch can drop with 1-4 Legendary Potential. This number represents how many affixes a Unique can steal from an Exalted item. The higher the number, the more affixes that Unique can obtain when it becomes a Legendary.

What is the max level in the Last Epoch? ›

What Is the Max Level in Last Epoch? The maximum level for your character in Last Epoch is 100. However, as is the case with so many action RPGs, there are plenty of other things to focus on making stronger outside of just the main number.

Does Last Epoch have endgame? ›

The Monolith of Fate is the main endgame system in Last Epoch.

What is the max corruption in the Last Epoch? ›

By default, standard Monolith runs have zero Corruption and a hard cap of x50 Corruption stacks. Empowered Monoliths start at x100 Corruption and have no ceiling. The higher your Corruption is, the tougher the monsters will be, but the better loot you'll receive.

How do you use the wheel of fortune? ›

Call out a consonant that you think might be in the puzzle. If you're correct, you win a prize wedge from the Wheel; put it with your cash. You may now buy a vowel and/or try to solve the puzzle, or spin again. If your guess is incorrect, leave the prize wedge in the Wheel; your turn is over.

What does wheel of fortune do? ›

Contestants guess letters as they attempt to solve a Hangman-like puzzle, spinning the wheel to determine how much money they will earn for a correct guess, with the ultimate goal being to solve the puzzle and accumulate as much money as possible.

How do you win the fortune wheel? ›

  1. Every extra letter makes a difference. ...
  2. Know that the best letters to pick can change over time. ...
  3. Even if there's no one best choice, some letters are safer bets than others. ...
  4. Choose your category wisely. ...
  5. Don't expect the puzzles to make sense. ...
  6. If there are a few words to memorize, these are the ones.
Dec 8, 2023

Where do I see my blessings in the Last Epoch? ›

Some Timelines have Blessings that increase your character's stats, while others have Blessings that increase your chance to find particular types of items. You can view every blessing you have discovered and currently have active from the blessings tab in the inventory window.

How do I access the loot filter Last Epoch? ›

To access the Last Epoch loot filter screen, press the Esc key and click settings. About halfway down the gameplay tab, you'll find the loot filter section, along with a button that says 'Manage Loot Filters'. Alternatively, you can access this menu by holding Shift and pressing F.

How do I find old episodes of Wheel of Fortune? ›

You can watch past Wheel of Fortune. episodes for FREE exclusively on Pluto TV! Watch now:

How do you check minion stats in Last Epoch? ›

Minions are affected by their summoners minion stats, which can be found in the minion stats tab of the Character Stats window for players.

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