Which faction should you choose in Last Epoch? | Circle of Fortune vs Merchant's Guild (2024)

Can’t wait to trade items in Last Epoch? Dreading the mere thought of it? Good news! Last Epoch has an innovative solution for both types of players in the form of its faction system. Your choice between the Merchant’s Guild or Circle of Fortune alters the way you obtain loot.

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The Merchant’s Guild unlocks the in-game trading system, while the Circle of Fortune is there for players who wish to stick to their guns and farm in solitude. Both factions have pros and cons, and this guide aims to help you choose the best Last Epoch faction for you.

Should you choose the Circle of Fortune or Merchant’s Guild in Last Epoch?

The Faction you choose in Last Epoch entirely depends on your preferences and play style. It’s essentially the choice between unlocking in-game trading (Merchant’s Guild) or a loot-targeting system (Circle of Fortune).

As a solo player and loot hoarder, I chose the Circle of Fortune, and so far, I’m happy with my choice. Although there have been times when I’ve been itching to sell a juicy weapon I can’t use, the bonus to loot drops and the loot-targeting system is well worth the sacrifice.

After throwing on a loot filter, the treasure goblin in me is delightfully satisfied as I smite enemies with my javelin and reap the rewards. How you like to earn loot may be entirely different, so let’s check out the pros and cons of both factions.

Circle of Fortune

The Circle of Fortune is an Item Faction aimed at players with no interest in trading or those who enjoy loot farming. Aligning with the Circle of Fortune gives you access to the Observatory, where Prophecies can be obtained that increase the drop rate of specific items.

Players can also purchase Lenses from the Observatory to enhance Prophecies and make target farming even more specific. No need to splash all your gold when you can find the item you need yourself, right?

Lastly, the Circle of Fortune also has perks unlocked through Ranks (more on that later) that increase the amount and quality of loot that drops from enemies. Just keep in mind that these items can’t be traded if you decide to switch Factions.

Target farmingNo access to global trading
Increases loot gainCannot use items previously obtained through Merchant’s Guild
Still allows trading between friendsItems obtained while aligned with Circle of Fortune cannot be traded

Merchant’s Guild

The Merchant’s Guild is an Item Faction for players interested in purchasing and selling gear with others. Aligning with The Merchant’s Guild gives players access to the Bazaar, which serves as a typical ARPG auction house.

Need a specific item for your build? Found an item that’d fetch a pretty penny for another class? The Merchant’s Guild’s got you. Your only limitation is your current Rank — which determines what items you can sell — and being unable to trade items obtained while aligned with Circle of Fortune.

Global in-game tradingCannot target farm items
Easily obtain gear and weapons needed for your build (for the right price)No loot buffs
Opportunity to make heaps of goldEntirely reliant on a player-driven economy
No need to spend Favor on anything other than gearCannot sell items bought from other players or obtained through the Circle of Fortune
Requires max rank before all item types can be traded

How to join a Faction in Last Epoch

During Chapter Nine of Last Epoch’s campaign, the dashing Zerrick will offer the Merchants and Fortune Tellers side quest. As soon as you have this quest, you can choose a faction immediately following his dialogue or press Y to pick later.

Can you change Item Factions?

You can change your Last Epoch faction at any time by pressing Y and clicking Leave Faction. You will lose any current Favors and can’t use items obtained while in your current Faction, but there’s otherwise no penalty for switching.

Sticking to one Faction is the ideal choice, as gaining the max rank takes a considerable amount of time. That being said, feel free to try both Factions when you first unlock the option if you’re still unsure.

Item Factions Ranks, Favors, and Vendors

Once you’ve chosen an Item Faction in Last Epoch, you’ll begin to earn Favors by killing monsters and completing quests. This currency is used to purchase goods from your Faction Vendor and increases your Rank as they are spent.

Ranks unlock perks in Item Factions, such as unlocking a loot buff or the ability to buy and sell a new item type. Merchant’s Guild items also gain Faction Rank Requirements, which, as the name suggests, requires a specific rank to use.

Faction Ranks are account-wide and shared between characters in the same game mode. The Merchant’s Guild’s auction house also works the same way, with regular players using a different economy to Hardcore players, for example.

If you’re hungry for more loot, check out our guide on Weaver’s Will and Legendary Potential to learn about Last Epoch’s best gear.

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Which faction should you choose in Last Epoch? | Circle of Fortune vs Merchant's Guild (2024)


Which faction should you choose in Last Epoch? | Circle of Fortune vs Merchant's Guild? ›

In my opinion, the Circle of Fortune is the best faction to join without much question. While the Merchant's Guild does open up Last Epoch in more ways with the trading system, the Circle of Fortune allows you to build your character much faster for the endgame content.

What faction should I pick in the Last Epoch? ›

In the Last Epoch community, the Circle of Fortune holds a reputation as a “casual-friendly” Faction. It's perfect for solo and group play, with a strong focus on completing quests and bounties to earn rewards.

What is the merchants guild faction in the Last Epoch? ›

The Merchant's Guild is the more straightforward of the two Factions in Last Epoch. Everything revolves around buying and selling items using Gold and earning Favor. When you first visit The Bazaar, you'll note the numerous trade stalls setup around the zone.

How to choose the circle of fortune in the Last Epoch? ›

If you wish to join the Circle of Fortune, finish her dialogue and select the option to join. If you ever wish to leave the Circle of Fortune, open the Faction menu (Hotkey: Y), then select the leave option at the top. You can rejoin at any time!

What is the best class in Last Epoch? ›

The Necromancer is undoubtedly the best mastery because you can summon hordes of the undead, as found in our guide to the best Last Epoch Acolyte builds with our Skeletal Mage Necromancer. This lets you sit back and let your minions do the work for you, essentially.

Does it matter which faction I choose new world? ›

Whether it is worth joining a certain New World faction or being a lone wolf is up to you, but New World is built on the interaction between factions and its members, therefore, being alone, you risk missing out on the most interesting aspects of the game.

Is The Last Epoch Fortune better than the Merchant Guild? ›

While the Merchant's Guild does open up Last Epoch in more ways with the trading system, the Circle of Fortune allows you to build your character much faster for the endgame content.

Why were merchant guilds so powerful? ›

Merchant guilds controlled the way trade was conducted in a town. They enforced rules, like bans on trading with non-members. Some merchant guilds became very powerful, and their members were able to obtain higher social positions in their towns. Some held office within their cities while also representing their guild.

What does Merchant Guild do? ›

Merchant guilds enforced contracts among members and between members and outsiders. Guilds policed members' behavior because medieval commerce operated according to the community responsibility system.

What happens when you change faction Last Epoch? ›

Yes, you'll start from lvl 1 in MG, but won't lose your progress in CoF (only the favor), so you can come back later if you wish. Also yes, you won't be able to use any items you found while you were aligned to CoF when you change to MG.

How to rank merchant guild Last Epoch? ›

To rank up with the Merchant's Guild, you must once again earn Favor to purchase Reputation by speaking with Nama, the Faction Leader, in the Maj'elka Bazaar.

How to get the best gear in Last Epoch? ›

The deeper you progress through the Timelines, the more likely you will receive an Exalted Item drop. More specifically, focus on tackling endgame bosses and monsters, and definitely join an Item Faction to gain additional rewards, like better drops, one of the rank rewards for the Circle of Fortune!

What faction is better in the Last Epoch? ›

Your choice should be based on your preferred activities. Generally, the Circle of Fortune is considered the better option for many players. Its passive bonuses provide significantly more loot, and it enables targeted farming for specific items needed to complete your build.

Is Circle of Fortune account wide in the Last Epoch? ›

It's important to note that your faction and Rank is shared account-wide among characters within the same game mode.

Is Last Epoch grindy? ›

Summary. Players find Last Epoch's alt system overly grindy and time-consuming. The repetitive nature of grinding corruption and blessings deters some from creating alts. Suggestions include making corruption and blessings account-wide for a smoother alt experience.

How do you choose specialization in Last Epoch? ›

If you would like to specialize in a different skill, you can press the Respec button at the top right of the Skills Window while viewing the tree for a specialized skill.

Will characters be wiped in the Last Epoch? ›

That covers the alleged server 'wipe' that will be happening upon the release of Last Epoch. While your characters and progress will not be deleted, you are highly incentivized to join in on the brand new cycle and fresh economy that will begin with the launch of version 1.0.

Does it matter what faction you choose in eso? ›

It won't prevent you from completing certain quests or limit your exploration, but it will give you an allegiance that won't alter in the PvP aspect of the game. The three alliances to choose from are the Daggerfall Covenant, the Aldmeri Dominion, and the Ebonheart Pact.

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