How to Rank Up Factions - Last Epoch Guide - IGN (2024)

While it's not necessary to enjoy Last Epoch, spending time completing challenges, earning Favor, and unlocking rewards for the two Item Factions is a valuable part of the ARPG's endgame loop. As you progress deeper through either Faction's ranks, you'll open up new buffs to item drops, allowing you to target-farm Uniques, Exalted, and Legendary Items. This guide will teach you how to rank up Factions in Last Epoch, ensuring your build is completely geared for any endgame content you tackle.

How to Rank Up Circle of Fortune


  • To rank up in the Circle of Fortune, you must earn Favor, then speak with Galila at the Maj'elka Observatory to exchange Favor for Reputation. The more Reputation you purchase, the more you rank up.
  • To earn favor, gain experience through normal gameplay means slaying enemies and completing main and side quests throughout the game.
  • Alternatively, you can increase your Circle of Fortune rank by completing Prophecies in the Observatory.
  • When you rank up to a new tier, it's locked in forever on your account. You do not lose your Faction Rank or the buffs with each tier!

How to Rank Up Merchant's Guild

  • To rank up with the Merchant's Guild, you must once again earn Favor to purchase Reputation by speaking with Nama, the Faction Leader, in the Maj'elka Bazaar.
  • You can earn Favor for the Merchant's Guild by defeating monsters and completing quests throughout the game.
  • Alternatively, earn Favor by utilizing their Faction-specific mechanics of buying and selling items through the Bazaar.
  • Like with the Circle of Fortune, you will never lose your Faction Rank in the Merchant's Guild. It is account-wide, though limited between game modes (i.e., Standard, Legacy, Hardcore, Software)
How to Rank Up Factions - Last Epoch Guide - IGN (2024)


How to Rank Up Factions - Last Epoch Guide - IGN? ›

To rank up in the Circle of Fortune, you must earn Favor, then speak with Galila at the Maj'elka Observatory to exchange Favor for Reputation. The more Reputation you purchase, the more you rank up.

How to gain faction favor Last Epoch? ›

How To Earn Favor. Favor is earned by completing quests and killing enemies. You get around one Favor per enemy killed, and two Favor if it's a rare enemy. Essentially, farming Favor means simply killing lots of enemies.

What faction is better Last Epoch? ›

Circles of Fortune is best suited for beginners or true ARPG fans who just want to enjoy the game and keep doing the usual things. Unlike the previous faction, the emphasis here is on independent searching and farming of items, and the chance of a drop is significantly increased.

Can you get banned on Last Epoch? ›

Last Epoch, the RPG taking on the likes of Diablo 4 and Path of Exile, permanently bans players who have exploited a gold duplication issue.

What is the best class in Last Epoch? ›

The Necromancer is undoubtedly the best mastery because you can summon hordes of the undead, as found in our guide to the best Last Epoch Acolyte builds with our Skeletal Mage Necromancer. This lets you sit back and let your minions do the work for you, essentially.

How do you rank up in the Last Epoch? ›

To rank up in the Circle of Fortune, you must earn Favor, then speak with Galila at the Maj'elka Observatory to exchange Favor for Reputation. The more Reputation you purchase, the more you rank up.

Can you fully respec in the Last Epoch? ›

There are dozens of different skill trees you can access in Last Epoch, but you're not stuck with the choices you make. No matter what class you're using or how far along you are in the game, you're able to fully respec both your Mastery and Skill Points in Last Epoch.

Does corruption increase stability Last Epoch? ›

Higher corruption means more gold, loot, and stability per echo, enhancing the gameplay experience with tangible rewards.

Is Last Epoch endless? ›

Last Epoch provides near-endless opportunities to meaningfully customize and fine tune each class's unique mechanics through a mind-bogglingly long list of branching Passives, which are then buffered by an equally open-ended itemization system.

What guild is best Last Epoch? ›

In general, we recommend the Circle of Fortune over the Merchant's Guild for most players. Its loot bonuses make target-farming certain Uniques and Set items significantly easier, and it actively rewards you for playing Last Epoch's endgame content.

Is Last Epoch better than Path of Exile? ›

Considering how deep the lore is in The Last Epoch, there's going to be so much potential for an epic story. This isn't to say that the story of Path of Exile is bad. However, if you want a more expansive story, then The Last Epoch seems like a pretty smart choice.

How do I increase my faction rank new world? ›

Each faction in New World has five ranks, each unlocking new items you can purchase from the faction reward store. You'll need to earn faction reputation through faction quests, then complete a Trial quest once you're high enough level to progress through each rank.

How to increase reputation in the Last Epoch? ›

Every point of Favor earend gives 2 Reputation. Every Point of Favor spent gives another 2 reputation. Meaning 1 Favor gives 4 reputation in total, by earning and spending it. If you don't spent your favor you only get half of the reputation that you could get.

Can I join both factions in the Last Epoch? ›

You can only select one Faction in Last Epoch, and they both offer unique mechanics for farming endgame gear. So, you'll want the rundown on each to determine the best fit for your playstyle.

How do you increase mana in the Last Epoch? ›

The mana pool can be increased through Affix Shards, building Attunement and allocating various Passives and Skill augmentations. Mana is regenerated at a rate of 8 mana / second, which can be improved with Mana Regeneration Shards.

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