Last Epoch Alts: A Grind Worth Quitting? (2024)

Last Epoch’s alt experience draws mixed reactions from players. The grind to push endgame progression again sparks frustration among some users.


  • Players find Last Epoch’s alt system overly grindy and time-consuming.
  • The repetitive nature of grinding corruption and blessings deters some from creating alts.
  • Suggestions include making corruption and blessings account-wide for a smoother alt experience.

Alts Experience

Many users express frustration with the lengthy process of regrinding corruption and blessings on alts. UglyChud highlights the painful aspect of redoing the campaign for idol slots and passives.

Grinding Woes

NeAldorCyning touches upon the essence of ARPGs being about item grinding but notes that the additional layer of grinding to start grinding again can be off-putting.

User’s Plea

HerrPeppschmier voices the need for changes in alt leveling and grinding mechanics to respect players’ time investment.

>Using your absolutely juiced triple exalted 4LP slammed best in slot gear to grind corruption 100. Um what? You can push 300-400 corruption with most builds using only basic uniques not slammed and exalts. Not sure why you are waiting to get 4LP slammed BIS to push corruption past 100. You push corruption as high as your build can handle, THEN you farm your BIS gear. You don’t farm your BIS gear at the lowest difficulty (level 58-90) and THEN push corruption. – only1yzerman

This intriguing comment points out a different perspective on pushing corruption levels based on build capability before aiming for best-in-slot gear.

Agreed and honestly all the monoliths play and feel exactly the same so I don’t know why they don’t just have a single monolith with like 9 bosses or whatever that you can pick from whenever you get enough stability. Either that or put way more effort into making each mono really unique with its own monsters and tile sets etc. – AeliaxRa

AeliaxRa highlights the lack of diversity in monoliths, suggesting a revamp to make each one more distinct.

Outside of re-farming corruption I kinda like it. The levels has play value, I cant recall the last ARPG since D2 where making a new character was fun. I do hope they change the blessings system though. Not for being a one time per account thing. But something that has continious value. I’d rather earn different tokens upon completing a monolith that can then be used on blessings. – NaveZero

NaveZero appreciates the play value in leveling alts but stresses the need for a revamped blessings system with continuous value.

7thfallen humorously points out the game’s reputation for lengthy tasks being a significant aspect.

Last Epoch Alts: A Grind Worth Quitting? (2024)
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