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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, also known as Rock Hall, is located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Architect I.M. Pei constructed the building for this museum to overlook the scenic Lake Erie, and it was dedicated in 1995. During the dedication of the museum, the ribbon cutting was performed by Yoko Ono, Little Richard and other rock artists of the time.

How to Get There

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, near the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. There is also a bus station two city blocks from the building that serves Greyhound and C city buses. Cities in the area include Akron and Toledo, both in Ohio.

1100 E 9th Street, Cleveland, OH 44114

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Visit Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The best time to visit the Rock Hall is in the summer when all the museum's main exhibits are available for viewing. Some of the top exhibits to see include the Hall of Fame Jukeboxes, and Legends of Rock and In Memoriam. Visitors can also come during the annual American Music Masters series, which is a weeklong exhibition that spotlights one contemporary artist, and artists featured in the past included Aretha Franklin, Buddy Holly and Johnny Cash.

Ticket Information

General admission tickets to the RRHOF are priced at $35 for adults and $25 for youth ages six to 12 while children under 5 may enter without a ticket. Tickets must be reserved in advance to enter Rock Hall, and all tickets must be purchased online.

Ticket discounts are available for service members, students and some Ohio residents. Military members, including veterans, and service members, such as police officers and first responders, may obtain tickets for $30. Active college students and northeast Ohio residents who live in zip code zones 440 to 443 can also receive $30 tickets. Additionally, Cleveland residents can always enter the Rock Hall for free. For any of these discounted tickets, visitors must purchase their tickets online and show proper ID upon arrival.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame also offers membership ticket options. Membership levels vary from a $65 option to a $500 option, and all include unlimited free admission for one year, a member-exclusive T-shirt, Rock Hall store discounts and access to event ticket pre-sales.

Family-Friendly Options

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame offers free lesson plans and education videos designed for teachers and parents to use with children, and these can be found on Rock Hall's official website. Large groups with children can also request to participate in an on-site educational program ahead of their visit through the website.

Most exhibits at the Rock Hall are family-friendly, although some may be labeled for mature audiences only. If you are visiting the museum with children, consider skipping these few areas for the best experience.

How to Make the Most of Your Visit

If you plan to visit the Rock Hall on a weekend, consider starting your tour on level two of the museum and working up to avoid any large crowds. After that, you can head back down to level zero, the basem*nt floor, to see the major exhibits last.

On days when there aren't too many crowds, you can follow the arrows and signs in the Rock Hall for the best experience. These arrows will take you from level one, where the entrance is, to the basem*nt floor, and then to levels three, four, five, six and two before you end your tour on level one in the gift shop area. If you can, plan to come on a day when a concert is held at the museum, so you may also take photos and make once-in-a-lifetime memories at the live performance.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Accommodations

Campgrounds Nearby

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Activities Near Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Things to Do


Swimming is popular at Edgewater Beach, which is just a few miles from the Rock Hall. This beach is situated along Lake Erie, and it connects to Edgewater Park.

Wildlife viewing

For wildlife viewing and bird-watching, consider stopping by the Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve. It is also on Lake Erie and is a great stop for photographers who want to capture butterfly and bird habitats. Fishing is also available.


The Whiskey Island Connector Trail is just a mile from Rock Hall and is a beautiful place for easy hiking and biking. You can also have a picnic at the pavilion.

National Parks

Cuyahoga Valley National ParkPoint Pelee National Park

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National Sites

James A. Garfield National Historic SitePerry's Victory and International Peace MemorialFriendship Hill National Historic Site

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National Forests

Wayne National ForestAllegheny National ForestMonongahela National Forest

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Weather, Safety & Accessibility

Weather & Packing

The Rock Hall is open year-round regardless of weather conditions. However, most exhibits are rotated out between January and May, so it is recommended that visitors come during the warmer months to get a full tour of the museum. In case of rain, umbrellas are permitted inside the building, and backpacks are also allowed for bringing extra items.

Safety & Accessibility

For safety purposes, the Rock Hall does not allow any weapons in its location. People who engage in any disorderly conduct while inside will also be escorted out for the safety of other visitors.

The Rock Hall provides elevators, wheelchair-accessible theater seating, curbside drop-off zones and accessible parking for disabled visitors. There also are some wheelchairs and scooters available to use on a first-come, first-served basis. For visitors with hearing disabilities, qualified interpreters may be reserved with at least two weeks advance notice.


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is just one of Cleveland's many beautiful museums, and visitors will love seeing the history of rock music and how it has shaped the United States over time.


Does Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have camping options nearby?

While there are few camping options in Cleveland, the American Wilderness Campground in Grafton, Ohio is one option within easy driving distance of the Rock Hall.

Is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame location RV friendly?

RVs are welcome to park in the Dock 32 parking lot at the Rock Hall. This lot can accommodate most oversized vehicles and is located behind FirstEnergy Stadium.

Is there anything I should know before visiting Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Visitors to the RRHOF should know that all tickets must be reserved and purchased online before their visit.

Is Rock and Roll Hall of Fame family-friendly?

The Rock Hall is generally family-friendly. However, some exhibits in the museum are labeled for mature viewers only.

Is Rock and Roll Hall of Fame pet friendly?

Pets are not allowed inside the Rock Hall. However, service animals with proper ID are welcome.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame RV and Travel Guide (2024)
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