How to Complete the Change of Heart Challenge in BitLife (2024)

This weekend’s BitLife challenge starts on July 1! For all my fellow Canadians, this is a fun sight to see, as we can spend the holiday escaping prison in the game and getting up to other wacky shenanigans. If you are curious, continue reading to learn how to complete the Change of Heart Challenge in BitLife.

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Table of Contents

  • Porch Pirating in BitLife
  • Escaping From Prison in BitLife
  • How to Become an Exorcist
  • Donating Blood After Escaping Prison
  • Adopting a Child after Escaping Prison

Bitlife: Change of Heart Challenge Walkthrough

Below are the five tasks you will have to complete for theChange of Heart challenge in BitLife:

  • Pirate five or more porches before age 16
  • Escape from prison
  • Become an Exorcist after escaping prison
  • Donate blood after escaping prison
  • Adopt a child after escaping prison

Since four of these five tasks require you to go to jail and escape, make sure this is at the top of your priority list early on! To increase your odds of successfully pirating porches, try to create a character with thecriminal special talent.

Porch Pirating in BitLife

BitLife characters can start porch pirating once they turn eight by enteringActivities > Crime > Porch Pirate. You can take multiple packages each year and have a few years to take at least five. Make sure you pirate as many porches as possible before age 16 to finish the first task.

Since I had a character with the crime special talent, I completed this in one year. However, you’re not required to have it to finish this challenge; it just makes everything easier.

After you pirate at least five porches, commit another crime that sends you to prison. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you land in jail at some point. Once you do, it’s time to escape!

Escaping From Prison in BitLife

Once your character is sent to jail, it’s time to escape! To do this, go into Prisoner > Escape and complete the minigame that appears. Using a guard outfit works too, but if you don’t see this as an option, you’ll have to maneuver around the grid until you break free!

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How to Become an Exorcist

After escaping prison and applying for jobs, you may notice that you are denied due to your criminal record. I ended up emigrating to a different country, allowing my character to bypass this limit and get a job anyway.

However, my character technically wasn’t allowed to do this, giving me two more options: accomplish everything within a few years or escape from prison again and complete the rest of the challenge. I did the first one, starting with becoming an exorcist by heading into the full-time job list, searching the bottom for exorcist and refreshing the BitLife app if it didn’t show up. Once it appeared, I applied, and since I’d emigrated to another country, I passed the interview and became an exorcist.

Donating Blood After Escaping Prison

To donate blood in BitLife, you have to head into Activities > Doctor > Donate Blood. Tell the center you are in good health before donating blood and knocking out the fourth task right away. If it doesn’t work, you can try again another year, emigrate to another country or treat any health conditions your character may have.

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While your criminal record usually doesn’t influence your success with donating, the clinic may refuse to take some of your blood. I’ve had this happen several times throughout my playthroughs, and I usually just age up and improve my character’s happiness and health before trying again. In most cases, it works after my second or third attempt.

Adopting a Child after Escaping Prison

Lastly, you’ll have to head back into Activities and select Adoption. Here, you’ll have to fork out a bit of cash to adopt a child, so make sure you make plenty of money as an exorcist or find other means to make some extra pocket change. Either way, adopt at least one kid to finish the final task of the Change of Heart challenge in BitLife!

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. To learn more about the game, check out how to complete the Blonde Bombshell Challenge in BitLife or click the tag below to explore our complete content collection!

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How to Complete the Change of Heart Challenge in BitLife (2024)
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