A Matter of Time - A HUD clock widget (2024)

A Matter of Time

Have you ever find yourself walking through a dungeon or sitting at the bar and asking yourself: How late is it? Will the sun shine outside or will I see the moons if I go outside? If so, this mod is for you!

The purpose of the mod
The mod adds some widgets to the HUD which can display different time related informations:
- The current in game time can be displayed using a symbol and a textual representation
- The current in game date can be displayed using text.
- The real life time and date can be displayed using text.
The mod is highly configurable through the SkyUI Mod Configuration Menu.

The configuration can be reached through the Mod Configuration Menu. It is splitted into three pages: General, Display and Control.

On the general page one can choose which widget to show and how it is displayed e.g. which symbol to use.
The second page (Display) controls the options related to the arrangement, scale and transparency of the widgets.
The third page (Control) lets you choose when and how the widgets are shown.
The last page (Settings) gives you the ability to save and load your settings so you can reuse them.

The control mode defines how the widget is displayed. Right now, there are four ways:
always: The widget is always shown as long as no menu is opened
timed: The widget is shown for a short time (configurable within the MCM option "Display Time") after you hit the configured hotkey
toggle: One uses the configured hotkey to display and hide the widget
periodically: Automatically shows the widget at configurable times like once an hour.

This mod should be compatible with every other mod. Especially, it is compatible with the Immersive HUD and Frostfall mod.
If you're using the IHUD mod and want the clock to be displayed together with the other HUD elements, just configure this mod to be displayed always.

The mod uses the great HUD widget framework of SkyUI. So it won't work without SkyUI. You will need the newest version of SkyUI (5.2SE as of writing this) as well as the newest SKSE64.

I should also mention that the interface of the HUD widget framework may be not stable right now since there is no documentation out there. So if the interface changes in the next SkyUI version, this mod might not work any more (but it should not damage anything). I will adept the new interface as soon as possible if necessary.

If you want to save and load your settings you've made in the MCM you also need FISSES. FISSES is a mod which allows me to store and load settings (or other stuff) to and from text files. FISSES has to be loaded before the A Matter of Time mod!

Thanks to MrJack for the graphics of the SkyDial theme. Also a big thank to Moosetrax for the great astrolabe graphics and the splash logo.
Version 1 and 2:
- FoxMcCloud - Brazilian Portuguese
- Santias - Russian
- Siham and Kesta - French
- starfis - Czech
- criswolf09 - Spanish
- lordtorus - Polish
- lorenchao - Chinese
- RockMic - Italian
- MsFem - Japanese
- DryreL - Turkish

Version 1:
- fourtwenee - Japanese
- dylanchang - Chinese

There are some language specific packages now. They contain the whole widget, so you only have to download one file.

Install the mod via NMM is easy: Just activate it.

If you want to uninstall the mod using NMM: deactivate it.
For manual uninstall delete the two files AMatterOfTime.esp and AMatterOfTime.bsa from the Data directory.
Uninstalling the mod should not effect anything within the game.

Known issues
There might be a wrong time displayed for a short amount of time (1 real life second) after a change of the timescale. It might also happen after a mod suddenly changes the time directly.

Using an old version of SkyUI or SKSE might also lead to problems like the widget is not shown or the MCM menu does not appear.

On some machines the widget and/or the menu doesn't appear instantly. Sometimes it helps to reinstall the mod (deactivate it, load a game, save the game, activate the mod again and load the save). It has also been reported that the widget showed up after a really long time (several real-live hours).

Version History
- initial release
- Bugfix: symbol was always shown after a reload
- Added: Czech translation
- Added: Russian translation
- Bugfix: widget could be shown at a wrong position after reload
- Bugfix: hotkey worked while a menu was open
- Bugfix: 00:xx AM should be 12:xx AM
- Change: hotkey triggers when the key goes up rather than down
- Change: Events are registered every game load so they restore if they get dropped somehow
- Added: Italian translation
- Added: Japanese translation
- Added: Chinese translation
- Change: The font which is currently used by the game is used to display the clock
- Change: Clock is updated every real-life second rather than every 1.5 in-game minute
- Added: Spanish translation
- Added: Polish translation
- Complete rewrite of the mod
- Added: in game date, real life time and date
- Added: a lot of symbols
- Added: More flexible configuration
- Bugfix: A clock configured to use 24 hour style displayed 24:XX instead of 00:XX
- Bugfix: Papyrus log showed a message regarding a non existent property
- Bugfix: The real-time clock could lag (especially if Skyrim is not the active process)
- Added: New date formats: YYYY-MM-DD, YY-M-D, some lore friendly formats
- Added: New time format: 12 hour short
- Bugfix: Short time was too short...
- Bugfix: Visibility was not handled correctly under all circ*mstances
- Bugfix: A disabled widget could be shown when pressing the configured hotkey
- Glitchfix: When updating from v2.0.1 or 2.0.0 the clock type is displayed correctly in the MCM
- Glitchfix: After loading a game, unused widgets aren't shown for a very short time any more
- Added: New theme: compass
- Added: Configuration can be saved and loaded using FISS
- Translation: Spanish translation is done thanks to criswolf09
- Translation: French translation is done thanks to Kesta
- Translation: Chinese translation is done thanks to lorenchao
- Bugfix: All periodically displayed widgets were shown when the in-game *and* real-life period passes
- Change: Widgets shown periodically can be shown by using the hotkey
- Translation: Italian translation is done thanks to RockMic
v3.0.0 alpha 1
- Cahnge: First Skyrim SE release
v3.0.0 alpha 2
- Change: Updated .esp with form id 44
- Change: Removed FISS support since FISS is not available for SSE right now
v3.0.0 alpha 3
- Translation: Turkish translation thanks to DryreL
- Change: Added FISSES support
v3.0.0 alpha 4
- Change: Seasons are now moved by a month to match Obsidian Weathers (thanks to Shocklizard)
- Translation: New Russian translation thanks to kopasov
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A Matter of Time - A HUD clock widget (2024)
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