10 Tips and Tricks to Know While Playing BitLife (2024)

BitLife is one of the more popular mobile life simulator games out there, filled with loads of fun activities. However, BitLife has a lot of features that you may not know about or how to use! I mean, let’s be real. Games are almost always more enjoyable when you don’t struggle through the whole thing, right? Even without paying a penny, you can still have a great experience playing BitLife, and I’m about to show you how. Having tips and tricks to help you through BitLife is extremely valuable. Keep reading to learn 10 tips and tricks that are essential to know while playing BitLife!

1. Landing a Good Career is Super Important

Just like in real life, it’s super-valuable to make sure you find a good job. It can be the difference between having a Funtime playing BitLife and just having an altogether miserable experience. Finding a good job can give you the opportunity for fame, to have a mansion, and a Lamborghini, even. It can open up the door for all sorts of things, simply because having money in BitLife means having a good BitLife.

2. Can’t Find the Job You Want? Job Shuffle!

When you take to the job boards after you’ve graduated high school or University, you might not always find the job you’re looking for. Luckily for you, there is a BitLife trick that allows you to actually shuffle the BitLife job board. There are a couple of ways you can do this. The first, and most obvious way, is to simply age yourself another year and check back, but that can set you back when you’re trying to get a job fresh out of school. It can take years to find the right job. The other option is to simply close the game and start it back up. You’ll still be the same BitLife age, and you’ll have a refreshed job board with all new options.

3. Activities Are the Key to a Happy BitLife

One of the main things you need to worry about in BitLife is your happiness stat. If you’re not happy, it can lead to loads of problems, including problems with your health and social life. A BitLife trick to make sure you are happy is to participate in different activities in your game. Some activities include finding a girl or boyfriend, meditating, participating in crime, adopting a child, and even going to the doctor to make sure your health is in good shape!

4. Ribbons?

There are loads of Ribbons that you can collect in BitLife. Granted, there isn’t a reward for them. They are more of personal achievement, but also something that you can work toward completing so that you can have a different sense of purpose for the game. Some of the more interesting Ribbons to collect are the Unlucky, Academic, Famous, Hero, Houdini, and Globetrotter Ribbons!

5. Know Your Worth

Unlocking some of the rare achievements in BitLife require having a really high net worth. You can find this by navigating over to your Activities Menu. From there, find the Will & Testament option. This is where you can see your net worth. To complete the Millionaire, Multimillionaire, Rich, Super Rich, and Stinking Rich achievements, you will have to raise your net worth to certain amounts. However, the BitLife trick to do this is to get a Lead Actor role in a film career!

6. Start Strong! The Benefits Are Endless

The best trick to getting ahead in BitLife is to make sure you have a strong start. To do this, pay special attention to your stats at birth. That way, you’ll know what to improve on and how to raise each stat, whether it is Health, Happiness, Smarts, or Looks. Also, be sure to pay close attention to your relationship with your parents. Having happy parents like you can be the difference between having friends and being alone, or even getting your college paid for or having to work your way through college!

7. Study Hard

One of the most important things in BitLife is your education! Studying hard really can work wonders. It opens up loads of opportunities. With good grades, you can get into certain clubs in school, participate in extracurriculars, get into a reputable University, and even get an amazing job. Getting good grades could even mean getting scholarships that will pay for your entire time at University and landing yourself a job that pays an insane amount!

8. Did Somebody Say Lottery?

One of the many hidden tricks to be found in BitLife is the Lottery activity. There is always a huge jackpot available, and you can buy lottery tickets as often as you’d like. Each ticket is relatively cheap, and statistically, even if you buy lottery tickets every single day until you finally win the jackpot, you’ll still be coming out with a heck of a lot more money than you dumped into tickets. Utilizing this activity is, honestly, really important if you want to get ahead in BitLife from the very beginning!

9. An Apple a Day…

One of the more important tricks to living a long life in BitLife is to visit the doctor regularly! This can help you catch any illnesses or diseases early on before they can threaten your life and cut your game short. Many times, you find that you had basic viruses and illnesses, but every once in a while, it can be a lot more severe. Make sure you visit the doctor as often as you can, at least once every game year.

10. Heirlooms!

Though collecting your heirloom every day isn’t much of a BitLife Tip or Trick, it’s still really important. It’s pretty randomized, but you get a chance to collect a really valuable item that can be kept and handed down to your children or even sold or donated if it’s something of historic nature. This can give you a big step up in the world, as having money, once again, is super important!

10 Tips and Tricks to Know While Playing BitLife (2024)
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